Pacing Airports

Being paced is a feeling deeply connected to the airport experience. One moves at different speeds, ranging from hurried, to strolling, to static. Pacing compartmentalizes the airport into different time zones, sections, areas of consumption, relaxation, waiting, boredom. This dossier engages with the airport as a complex configuration of moving images, bodies as well as objects–neck pillows, screen fields, military patches, meditation rooms, maps, and other forms of guidance. It considers pacing as a method for doing film and media studies in situ.

Pacing the Airport

Marie Sophie Beckmann, Rebecca Puchta and Philipp Röding

Consider the many airport terminals that are under construction right now all across the globe. Imagine for a moment that they are not pieces of infrastructure with a yet-to-come opening date but monuments of the future past, their lounges already … Continue reading “Pacing the Airport”

The Lost World

Karin Fleck

Imagine you are just a few hours away from your holiday. As usual, you have planned everything long in advance. The destination has been on your “Must-See-Places-in-the-World” list for a long time; you selected the flight carefully, and you informed … Continue reading “The Lost World”