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Michael Jackson

Jasper Bernes

They were ex-cons and grad students, fractious Bolsheviks and urban castaways, rock-throwers and pot-smokers, juggalos and candy kids. They were people angry at their chances or at someone else’s. They were there because they were trying to make art about … Continue reading “Michael Jackson”

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From Face Down

Brian Whitener

The Oakland-based press Timeless, Infinite Light has allowed us to publish an excerpt from Brian Whitener’s fantastic new book Face Down, which can be purchased here. From Face Down In the mid-1850s, a non-ethnically marked lady, Mother, and her partner … Continue reading “From Face Down

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The Affective Labor of Wikipedia: GamerGate, Harassment, and Peer Production.

Michael Mandiberg

The Wikipedia Arbitration Committee (ArbCom) just completed the process of sanctioning a number of editors over edits to the Gamergate controversy page. This has been a controversial decision, with many parties issuing statements, including the Wikimedia Foundation, two of the … Continue reading “The Affective Labor of Wikipedia: GamerGate, Harassment, and Peer Production.”

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Andrew Ross on Creditocracy

Ashley Dawson

ST PODCAST: Web editor Ashley Dawson sits down with former Social Text editor Andrew Ross to discuss his newest book, Creditocracy and the Case for Debt Refusal (OR Books, 2014).

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