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Three Poems

Teline Trần

Hot Dish Since under, I had spoken one word a day To a complement a meal, I would utter, ‘Breakfast,’ ‘Lunch,’ or ‘Dinner.’   To move from coming, I speak slighter Worded widely that the cheeks bled, Spinning trellises before … Continue reading “Three Poems”

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Sacre du Council

Sára Bányai

On Easter day I went to visit my friend to celebrate together in a silly, agnostic fashion while overdosing on vegan chocolate eggs. We agreed to do it behind closed doors as we did not want to be associated publicly … Continue reading “Sacre du Council”

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Social Text Collective

Zionism’s Political Unconscious by Nadia Abu El-Haj Verso Blog We Who Are in Prison Escape Every Day: Students and Women Organizing against Israeli Occupation by Brian Bean, Shireen Akram-Boshar, Layan Kayed New Politics An Open Letter from Jewish Students by … Continue reading “Amplifier”

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Edward Salem

Techno plays from outdoor speakers at the beach restaurant in Tel Aviv.   I scan faces, trying to place them— Poland? Russia? Tan, lipless men toting wives and kids, giving me dirty looks as I suck my shisha.   The … Continue reading “Hellraiser”

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Becoming Archived: Feminist Resistance to Online Misogyny in India

Oeendrila L. Gerold and Sahana Udupa

In 2021, India saw a spate of online “auctions” on platforms such as YouTube, Twitter, GitHub and Clubhouse. Non-consensually sourced images, including morphed images, of hundreds of Muslim women were “rated” and “reviewed” for their “monetary and sexual worth” by … Continue reading “Becoming Archived: Feminist Resistance to Online Misogyny in India”

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Three Poems

Serena Devi

Apology it was just me in the way thick and obstinate, a dumb kicked animal.   I’m sorry to say, had you been less anti-work and I less anti-school, perhaps we could have been good for one another.   knowing … Continue reading “Three Poems”

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Two Poems

Chris Campanioni

returned as a body   To measure the circulation within my brain G places a transducer to my face, to the flesh above my ear. I like the part before—G’s gloved hand applying a cool gel to my neck, my … Continue reading “Two Poems”

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