Three Poems


it was just me
in the way
thick and obstinate,
a dumb kicked animal.


I’m sorry to say,
had you been less
and I less anti-school,
perhaps we could have been good for one another.


knowing the rules of language
the way soap is supposed to smell
(and all according little laws)
I thought I knew this house too.


and given to god,
that stick dragged
across the floor
heavy breathing in its
every scrape–


you could have swung, and I would’ve
left it.


Pleasure Math

flame + stone
yours + mine


is this making love,
that craft you spoke of sat on the floor of our small wretched kingdom?


stay in prayer, a simple get–
the planes all drop from the sky at once; your goods remain perishable.


no more hurrying up
just because you’re in trouble, always craving liquor bright like blood,


you and your sick piggish sister!


gold + diamond
cash in + collect



getting really into these indistinct rituals it’s


nothing of the sort


not a clue but you don’t have to know much to know


if you’d go to war for this country,

die in a desert for this gay ass failed state


indistinct you can’t imagine / cannot fathom (?)


what and what about


a feeling this could all come down


what’s this and where did you find it


wanting more than we could give


picked it up to bring something


empty hands always


a strange place but still


well I never said that,
I never said that


and even if it were true


the next best thing I guess is indistinct disarray / dissipate (?)


did you want more of this? does anybody want more


toss that back


watch the candle


block it all out


in my mind I saw the words and
in the moment it all made sense


it goes that way
put it out
doesn’t it
put it out
I get the feeling there’s
someone here who knew


what did I tell you?


never wrong


found you half dead in the bathroom and laughed


I was better until that night


I saw / thought (?)


once you give me a break I’ll never go back


indistinct whatever


if you even thought to ask!



Serena Devi

Serena Devi is a Brooklyn-based writer and ESB fellow at the Poetry Project. She is currently working on a collection of poems about hedonism and the end of the world.