A Song from the Past

Gurmeet Singh

Poor Diana–Diana batchari. Whole bloody family ruined her life. Look at your grandma–your Bibi–tell me she’s not just like the Queen. Everyone running after them both–oh Bibi, your majesty, yes Bibi, haan Bibi, anything else? We say–Sikhs say–daughter-in-law should be … Continue reading “A Song from the Past”

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Gaza Fractures

Bashir Abu-Manneh

Is there a characteristically Gazan sentence? Could it be this one from Asmaa al-Ghul’s recent short story “You and I,” published in The Book of Gaza (Comma Press, 2014): “Drops of morning dew evaporate taking the pain with them, because … Continue reading “Gaza Fractures”

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Michael Jackson

Jasper Bernes

They were ex-cons and grad students, fractious Bolsheviks and urban castaways, rock-throwers and pot-smokers, juggalos and candy kids. They were people angry at their chances or at someone else’s. They were there because they were trying to make art about … Continue reading “Michael Jackson”

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