Social Text is a quarterly scholarly journal forging creative connections between critical theory and political practice. Interdisciplinary and interventionist since its founding in 1979, the journal is run by an editorial collective which seeks to expand and redefine what scholarship can do. Social Text Online is the website of the journal’s editorial office.

At a moment when the roles of the intellectual and educator are being rapidly reorganized from the top down, this website renews Social Text’s activist and public premise. It’s also a rare instance of premium academic content offered free, without paywalls to compromise our commitments to grassroots activism, knowledge dissemination, public debate, and cultures of access.

We bring you short essays, online dossiers, a broad range of poetry and fiction, and rich media supplements to articles that appear in the quarterly. You can also find links on this site to articles that may be downloaded from the journal via the subscription-based access offered by Duke University Press. In addition, Social Text Online features one free article per journal issue, available for six months from publication date.

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    • short essays on politics, culture, history, and other topics, as well as reviews of books, film, art, and performance;
    • a dossier section, Periscope, featuring curated collections of short essays, photography, or other multimedia, on topics of timely interest;

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