Sohail Daulatzai and Junaid Rana’s With Stones In Our Hands: Writings on Muslims, Racism, and EmpireHannah Kershaw

With Stones In Our Hands: Writings on Muslims, Racism, and Empire, edited by Sohail Daulatzai and Junaid Rana, is an ambitious collection of essays that draws important connections between the perceptions of Islam in the twenty-first century and the enduring … Continue reading "Sohail Daulatzai and Junaid Rana’s With Stones In Our Hands: Writings on Muslims, Racism, and Empire"

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Three PoemsJamie Townsend

Under Cover Extolling the virtues of theft Meaning makes less in a week than Your masterpiece is for smashing Porcelain pink panther Punching a canvas til it’s money We listened to ArtPop and dream what could’ve been Genderqueer porn suggesting … Continue reading "Three Poems"

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One Admirer Has SaidAurelia Guo

1. Because of the world they live in, because of the ways they productively and destructively carry that world inside them They told me how God was not impersonal but knew me by name, knew how many hairs were on … Continue reading "One Admirer Has Said"

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The Capricorn Moon Hits HomeSeth Landman

I think a lot about Kenny “Sky” Walker who rocked the cradle in the 1989 dunk contest it fizzled without much meaning but it mattered to me in 2017 I got dumped in a swamp I think I wasn’t what … Continue reading "The Capricorn Moon Hits Home"

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From The Tragicall HistoryBrandon Brown

For a couple of years, I was the president of a fan club on a proto-internet online service, called Club Cruehead, a board for devotees of the dinglewood hard rock band MÖTLEY CRÜE. The service, Prodigy, limited users to thirty … Continue reading "From The Tragicall History"

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A WesternSara Wintz

Now you’re here too in the apocalypse your ancestors made. –Natalie Diaz It’s not fucked up to want to feel safe. We were drawn together by that desire. In Providence, in Oakland, in Charlottesville. Circumstances make it feel so impossible, … Continue reading "A Western"

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Jonathan Flatley’s Like Andy WarholHomay King

For a long time, similarity was out of fashion. Difference was in and likeness was out; comparisons were odious. To see or assert likeness, the thinking went, was tantamount to denying irrefutable factual differences, often ones related to identity and … Continue reading "Jonathan Flatley’s Like Andy Warhol"

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Against Racial Capitalism, from Occupy to the PresentDan Nemser

The frenzied pace of the news cycle in the age of Trump has a magnetic pull that makes it hard to take a step back and think strategically about the recent history of popular anti-capitalist and anti-racist struggles that have … Continue reading "Against Racial Capitalism, from Occupy to the Present"

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