Stalking HistoryBill Vourvoulias

On Hunter of Stories. 2017. By Eduardo Galeano. Translated by Mark Fried. Nation Books. The late Uruguayan writer Eduardo Galeano made it his life’s mission to come up with an alternate history of Latin America, one that relied more on […]

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Look at What You’ve DoneMaryam Ivette Parhizkar

I love my child but I will always love my father more. I love my child and this is why I learn to keep her good face clean. As you clean your face remember to move your hands toward your […]

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from Emilie’s FlightManthia Diawara

Even with everything in such turmoil since Antoine’s body had been found on the beach, Maï was very happy that Emilie had decided to come see her. The two friends Skyped all the time, but it was the first time […]

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Musical MigrancyEdward Akintola Hubbard

On Cape Verde, Let’s Go: Creole Rappers and Citizenship in Portugal. 2015. By Derek Pardue. University of Illinois Press. As Europe grapples with an apparently inexorable wave of ethnic nationalist politics in response to its so-called immigrant crisis, the question […]

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Three PoemsMark Francis Johnson

F Rations Crippled little spheriod super-capsule unsafe to outlive, the whole body the WHOLE BODY of a strong people presents you with this old gift certificate gene, we trillion as one willed it to be spliced into tin can F […]

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Baldwin’s FBI BluesBill V. Mullen

On James Baldwin: The FBI File. 2017. Edited by William J. Maxwell. Arcade Books. “Isn’t Baldwin a well-known pervert?” So wrote FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover in a 1964 internal FBI memo, a single page in a file that extended […]

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Gaza FracturesBashir Abu-Manneh

Is there a characteristically Gazan sentence? Could it be this one from Asmaa al-Ghul’s recent short story “You and I,” published in The Book of Gaza (Comma Press, 2014): “Drops of morning dew evaporate taking the pain with them, because […]

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“But funny how”: Richard Owens’ No ClassLukas Moe

Richard Owens tells only one joke as such in No Class (Barque Press, 2012). Will you get it? Three cops walk into a bar: a dialectician an artist and a hedge fund manager. The artist says to the hedge fund […]

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