Sleeping with the Window OpenMira Mattar

  Notes “I know too much has been made of origins” is Dionne Brand’s “Too much has been made of origins” in A Map to the Door of No Return: Notes to Belonging (Canada: Vintage Books, 2002). When writing “as … Continue reading "Sleeping with the Window Open"

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Quarantine Sonnet I, 2020Addy Malinowski

we go on walks now along the shore of Lake Pontchartrain in March we pass each other little hand-drawn hearts held together by a paperclip My ribcage hurts from a fracture glass raining sideways creating artificial pathways to pathogenic selves … Continue reading "Quarantine Sonnet I, 2020"

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Reverse Manifest Destiny (Or, The Exiles and Me)Lou Cornum

My people used to roam all over the place. -Homer, The Exiles As soon as he walked into the bar, I knew he was Native. He knew or knew that I knew and in no time, he was standing next … Continue reading "Reverse Manifest Destiny (Or, The Exiles and Me)"

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Free Palestine/Strike MoMA: A Call to ActionIIAAF

We the undersigned artists, critics, scholars, and organizers are writing to express our support for the Palestinian struggle against Israeli colonial rule and its apartheid system. We feel it is urgent to highlight the connections between the ongoing violence of … Continue reading "Free Palestine/Strike MoMA: A Call to Action"

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What’s Academic Freedom Got to Do with Us? Nothing, Absolutely NothingEileen A. Joy

Academic freedom is the condition under which the intellectual submits herself to the normative model of the settler. –Fred Moten, “Statement in Support of a Boycott of Israeli Academic Institutions” Whenever I hear academics defending “academic freedom” as a supposed … Continue reading "What’s Academic Freedom Got to Do with Us? Nothing, Absolutely Nothing"

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Cultivating the WeedsChad Shomura

1. On the day I won a university award named after Rosa Parks, I learned that a student was weighing an invitation from Tucker Carlson Tonight to discuss an article he wrote that condemned my course on American political thought. … Continue reading "Cultivating the Weeds"

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from Active ReceptionNoah Ross

I was going to, was going to, do it, that is, by which I mean, stay in bed, like I was supposed to, or at least, for the most part, so-called should have, as in, for my health, for the … Continue reading "from Active Reception"

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Queer QuaranTVLisa Duggan

I live in my TV. Over the past year, I have shifted more and more of my daily social, psychological and affective life into the long running television shows that I substitute for a vital somatic, interpersonal, and interactive existence. … Continue reading "Queer QuaranTV"

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