From The Tragicall HistoryBrandon Brown

For a couple of years, I was the president of a fan club on a proto-internet online service, called Club Cruehead, a board for devotees of the dinglewood hard rock band MÖTLEY CRÜE. The service, Prodigy, limited users to thirty … Continue reading "From The Tragicall History"

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A WesternSara Wintz

Now you’re here too in the apocalypse your ancestors made. –Natalie Diaz It’s not fucked up to want to feel safe. We were drawn together by that desire. In Providence, in Oakland, in Charlottesville. Circumstances make it feel so impossible, … Continue reading "A Western"

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Jonathan Flatley’s Like Andy WarholHomay King

For a long time, similarity was out of fashion. Difference was in and likeness was out; comparisons were odious. To see or assert likeness, the thinking went, was tantamount to denying irrefutable factual differences, often ones related to identity and … Continue reading "Jonathan Flatley’s Like Andy Warhol"

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Against Racial Capitalism, from Occupy to the PresentDan Nemser

The frenzied pace of the news cycle in the age of Trump has a magnetic pull that makes it hard to take a step back and think strategically about the recent history of popular anti-capitalist and anti-racist struggles that have … Continue reading "Against Racial Capitalism, from Occupy to the Present"

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from a feeling called heavenJoey Yearous-Algozin

I wanted to show you something that would give you pleasure the kind of pleasure I sometimes feel listening to Joanna Brouk or standing in the middle of a gallery in the Met not focusing on a particular art work … Continue reading "from a feeling called heaven"

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from Socialist RealismTrisha Low

A house. There’s a dream of a house, like there always is. The house has blue walls.     It’s four years ago. I have a boyfriend. He is the only boy I’ve ever dated that my parents have liked. … Continue reading "from Socialist Realism"

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Welcome to HellJosef Kaplan

Hell is good. To live here, it is good. I really like it! It’s the best thing that ever happened to me. It’s the crowning joy of my life to exist in Hell. It’s amazing. It’s so sweet and charming. … Continue reading "Welcome to Hell"

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Journal from Brussels and ParisAnna Gurton-Wachter

I am told that Brussels is the new Berlin, what Berlin was twenty years ago. What this person means is that it is the only spot left in Europe where artists can afford to be artists. I walk to the … Continue reading "Journal from Brussels and Paris"

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