Palestine Now

Memories of Gaza

Kristofer J. Petersen-Overton

If there is a direct historical antecedent to the attacks of October 7 and everything that has happened since, it is Israel’s sixteen-year blockade, which devastated Gaza and harmed a generation of Palestinians. I lived in Gaza City for six … Continue reading “Memories of Gaza”

Bisan Owda Is Still Alive

Jared Joseph

Bisan Owda, under her Instagram handle @wizard_bisan1, posts stories and reels that document the realities of daily life—and death—in Gaza during the now 100+ days of military siege by Israel. While before October 7th Owda was a filmmaker and hakawatieh, … Continue reading “Bisan Owda Is Still Alive”

Theory as Stone

Stephen Sheehi

In a 2001 telephone interview with the New York Times from Vienna, Johann August Schülein, then president of the Freud Society of Vienna, said of Edward Said’s disinvitation, “A lot of members of our society told us—they can’t accept that … Continue reading “Theory as Stone”


Safa Khatib

Refaat, your death visited me. It stood across from me in the dim room.   I told your death “I am ready. I am ready.” Your death stared back, unimpressed.   I sat in the wooden chair I arranged in … Continue reading “Rendition”


Sinan Antoon

From “The Book of Genocide” Behold Gaza Angels of death appear in skies and on screens Leaflets dropping down like dead birds: “Arise and flee into Egypt and stay there forever Herod will seek every Palestinian child and destroy them.” … Continue reading “Gazacide”

Palestine Is Today’s Vietnam

Evyn Lê Espiritu Gandhi

Palestine is today’s Vietnam. Five decades ago, it was Vietnam’s anti-colonial struggle for independence—first against the French colonists and then against the US imperialists—that sparked international protest and solidarity. “Vietnam” became a synecdoche of the global Third World Liberation movement. … Continue reading “Palestine Is Today’s Vietnam”