Recent Periscopes
This dossier explores how women and feminists in the Philippines use creative practices against the systems of power they are fighting against, particularly since the beginning of the pandemic. Primarily feminist activists, the women who have contributed to this online dossier come from various arenas of cultural work—visual art, writing and publishing, music, journalism. Their writing here focuses on the marginalized women they work with, who have been continuously resisting and working against long-standing structures of violence that have only been exacerbated by the state’s actions during the pandemic.
Ezekiel Dixon-Román curates a dossier of essays that think through Gilles Deleuze’s “Post-Script on the Societies of Control,” which first appeared in print in 1990, in relation to our current moment. With contributions from Denise Ferreira da Silva, Alexander R. Galloway, Orit Halpern, Martina Tazzioli, and Ezekiel Dixon-Román and Luciana Parisi.
Here you will find writing about COVID-19, the uprisings against police murders, and the rapidly-changing political situation. We’re trying to contain our urge to add to the overloaded bandwagon of “hot takes.” We thought maybe people might like to read something that tries not to center one singular consciousness. And we’ve made an effort to address what’s happening on the level of everyday life, the ephemeral experiences from which any effort to theorize the history of the present has to emerge.