Recent Periscopes
A discussion of Tijuana intellectual Sayak Valencia's Gore Capitalism, on the occasion of its English translation. Scholars from Mexico and the United States assess Valencia's arguments about narco-capitalism, addressing themes of necropower, transfeminism, and the representation of violence.
Being paced is a feeling deeply connected to the airport experience. This dossier engages with the airport as a complex configuration of moving images, bodies as well as objects—neck pillows, screen fields, military patches, meditations rooms, maps, and other forms of guidance--and how these can be addressed, analyzed, and made productive for the study of film.
In this dossier, Korean diasporic feminist scholars, artists, and cultural practitioners located across a geopolitical and interdisciplinary spectrum consider the meanings of “demilitarized peace” in relation to the Korean War. By “demilitarized peace,” we refer to multi-scalar, multi-directional processes that cannot be confined to the realm of inter/national diplomacy.