Recent Periscopes
Here you will find writing about COVID-19, the uprisings against police murders, and the rapidly-changing political situation. We’re trying to contain our urge to add to the overloaded bandwagon of “hot takes.” We thought maybe people might like to read something that tries not to center one singular consciousness. And we’ve made an effort to address what’s happening on the level of everyday life, the ephemeral experiences from which any effort to theorize the history of the present has to emerge.
This Periscope reflects on the work of the New Narrative writer Kevin Killian (1952-2019), with essays on Fascination, Tony Greene Era, the Tagged project, the relationship between New Narrative and queer theory, Spreadeagle, and his body of work in the context of 80s and 90s sexual cultures more broadly. We will be posting one essay per week.
This Periscope contains a series of reflections on Tavia Nyong’o’s Afro-Fabulations: The Queer Drama of Black Life. At times meditating on the book’s theoretical and stylistic maneuvers, at others extending its theories to new contexts and questions, the six contributors to this collection tarry with “the powers of the false” as a modality of black queer study (19).