Here you will find writing about COVID-19, the uprisings against police murders, and the rapidly-changing political situation. We’re trying to contain our urge to add to the overloaded bandwagon of “hot takes.” We thought maybe people might like to read something that tries not to center one singular consciousness. And we’ve made an effort to address what’s happening on the level of everyday life, the ephemeral experiences from which any effort to theorize the history of the present has to emerge.


Anna McCarthy, Marie Buck and Kay Gabriel

At the beginning of the crisis, we decided we wanted to create records of daily life and its ephemera. The following selection of entries documents the indoor crisis of March into mid-May in the merged and anonymized diaries of three … Continue reading “COVID Diary”


Jayna Brown and Aimee Meredith Cox

We opened our exchange at the beginning of May–almost two months after New York has issued a shelter in place order. We end just before the 4th of July (or “the 4th you lie” as it’s known in some Black … Continue reading “Letters”

Mythology Today Today

William Hall

The murder of George Floyd at the height of a global pandemic has provided anti-racist rhetoric with an unexpected but virulent new metaphor. A lawyer for George Floyd said that a pandemic of racism killed his client. The president of … Continue readingMythology Today Today”

On Waving the White Flag

Jorge E. Cuéllar

In Central America under Covid-19, specifically in El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras, white flags have appeared all over the social terrain as indictments of a failed political and economic system whose primary effect for common people has been enduring a … Continue reading “On Waving the White Flag”


Amber Jamilla Musser

In the time of COVID, I do a lot of laundry. At first it was because I was finally still; no longer traveling so there was more time and a backlog of dirty clothes. Then, it was for other reasons. … Continue reading “Sweat”