Ballot Box as Klan Hood and the Rest of Us in the Wake of the Election of Donald Trump as 45th US President

Roshanak Kheshti

I write not with the expertise of a political scientist or demographer, those emperors of data and partisan, capital ‘P’ politics whose new clothes—AKA ‘big data’-informed poll predictions—have only just been revealed to some (not others) as ruse. I write … Continue reading “Ballot Box as Klan Hood and the Rest of Us in the Wake of the Election of Donald Trump as 45th US President”

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Songs for Our Times

Anna McCarthy

We asked Gus Stadler to recommend some Woody Guthrie songs. He did not fail us. ALL YOU FASCISTS BOUND TO LOSE THE JOLLY BANKER THIS LAND IS OUR LAND (with private property verse) BETTER WORLD A-COMIN’

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Cruel Optimism: New Social Text Periscope Dossier

Social Text Collective

Lauren Berlant’s most recent book, Cruel Optimism (Duke UP, 2011), undertakes the ambitious and necessary project of thinking the political present. Cruel Optimism attends closely to what goes undernoticed about living in relation to waning or worn-out models of legibility, sovereignty and sustainability. This dossier assembles … Continue reading “Cruel Optimism: New Social Text Periscope Dossier”

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Made in Havana City

Sujatha Fernandes

Onstage is Instinto, a female trio extraordinaire. The divas are wearing shimmering strapless dresses with high heels. As a salsa beat kicks in, they rap in a lyrical prose, spin on their heels, and sing in three part harmony. This … Continue reading “Made in Havana City”

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Proposals for Periscope

Biella Coleman

 Social Text is currently accepting proposals for Periscope, the journal’s curated web forum of illuminating critical opinion on contemporary political and theoretical affairs.  Previous Periscopes have focused on topics as diverse as Queer Suicide, the South African World Cup, and … Continue reading “Proposals for Periscope”

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