Blood Pink

Kristin Grogan and Grace Lavery

The funeral parlor, body on slab, is the archetype of more than one branch of transsexual horror. Frankenstein is probably the most immediate resonance: a corpse, laid out prone, then meddled with by a deranged doctor, rises from the plinth … Continue reading “Blood Pink”

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Syd Staiti

today was the day   we were going to make it   all the way over to there   before we knew it—     “they should’ve done it differently”   “it was never there in the first place”   … Continue reading “Poem”

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Four Poems

Phoebe Glick

Nothing about Tomorrow How will it be different in the future? It probably won’t. Is there a future? There are the limits of the body: age / illness / something else not said out loud. For example, yesterday I couldn’t … Continue reading “Four Poems”

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Ryan Dobran

Anxiety is its own prolonged unreckoning this visionary script moves like an old hand shaking wild playtime kissed into the layers of muscle at home base no less than being still, we press on into the night   earnest garbage … Continue reading “Meals”

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Four Poems

Isaac Pickell

name/brand on a windy day breaking those hottest Midwestern months   where most everything is wishing for death   or winter, a single dried petal from that little blue flower   with a cute colloquial name, shrunk beyond its living … Continue reading “Four Poems”

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Two Poems

Cam Scott

Surfeit Writ, with Time Constraint A green collection in the field. Or try again without opprobrium. Make better work for good. The copula will see to that whatever word One puts down will suffice to grow the poem as a … Continue reading “Two Poems”

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The Suburbs

Paul Vogel

A slight striation brings us to an opalescent aquapit of algae-grazing crustaceans and pedal boat taverns.   Take I-94 West past the tropical shrublands, along a spidery slum of houses built on planks of sun-bleached ipe and thatch.   Next … Continue reading “The Suburbs”

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