Four Poems

Sophia Dahlin

Cow Lonely Are You? On the internet of wildflowers a white flower is not what I see blue furling dress petal a flower is part dress part animal part vegetable part face an internet a lighted shape of light on … Continue reading “Four Poems”

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Stephen Ira

When director Richard Williams set out to make Who Framed Roger Rabbit? in 1988, no one had really attempted anything like it before. Although, of course, people had. If you’re anything like me, for example, you remember the several extraneous … Continue reading “Eyelines”

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A Love Story

Asa Mendelsohn

My shoulders stiffen the first time I watch Southern Comfort (2001), the film Kate Davis made documenting the last year of Robert Eads’s life. I am aware of the eyes and bodies in attendance, late 2018. I notice my companions … Continue reading “A Love Story”

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