On Blues Speaker [for James Baldwin]: A Conversation with Mendi and Keith Obadike

Julie Beth Napolin

In January 2016, I had the opportunity to dialogue over email with sound artists Mendi and Keith Obadike. We discussed their site-specific work, Blues Speaker [for James Baldwin](2015), jointly commissioned by the Harlem Stage and the Vera List Center for … Continue reading “On Blues Speaker [for James Baldwin]: A Conversation with Mendi and Keith Obadike”

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Three Poems

Jennifer Soong

The Messenger What do I want to you to say now no not that tainted evaporated            touch me harder words weighted belonged in something farther love’s the attempt at one another love’s the age for … Continue reading “Three Poems”

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Stalking History

Bill Vourvoulias

On Hunter of Stories. 2017. By Eduardo Galeano. Translated by Mark Fried. Nation Books. The late Uruguayan writer Eduardo Galeano made it his life’s mission to come up with an alternate history of Latin America, one that relied more on … Continue reading “Stalking History”

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Musical Migrancy

Edward Akintola Hubbard

On Cape Verde, Let’s Go: Creole Rappers and Citizenship in Portugal. 2015. By Derek Pardue. University of Illinois Press. As Europe grapples with an apparently inexorable wave of ethnic nationalist politics in response to its so-called immigrant crisis, the question … Continue reading “Musical Migrancy”

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Three Poems

Mark Francis Johnson

F Rations Crippled little spheriod super-capsule unsafe to outlive, the whole body the WHOLE BODY of a strong people presents you with this old gift certificate gene, we trillion as one willed it to be spliced into tin can F … Continue reading “Three Poems”

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