You Say Wife

Kay Gabriel

Dear Kay— A letter in seven arguments. 1. On Lies In another poem a man compares me to pussy, and then it happens again. Rosario says straight men don’t even like pussy, an attack so devastating I took it vicariously. … Continue reading “You Say Wife”

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Three Poems

Jamie Townsend

Under Cover Extolling the virtues of theft Meaning makes less in a week than Your masterpiece is for smashing Porcelain pink panther Punching a canvas til it’s money We listened to ArtPop and dream what could’ve been Genderqueer porn suggesting … Continue reading “Three Poems”

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A Western

Sara Wintz

Now you’re here too in the apocalypse your ancestors made. –Natalie Diaz It’s not fucked up to want to feel safe. We were drawn together by that desire. In Providence, in Oakland, in Charlottesville. Circumstances make it feel so impossible, … Continue reading “A Western”

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