Mad Feminism

Anna Mollow

  I admit it: I’m mad.[i] Try as I might, I cannot summon up the elegant inquisitiveness of Julia Rodas’s multi-layered meditation on what there might be to like about the DSM. I could, I suppose, adopt a similar strategy in relation to Complex … Continue reading “Mad Feminism”

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A Wilder Sort of Empiricism: Madness, Visions and Speculative Life

Jayna Brown

“What will you do when the apocalypse comes??” he asked me urgently. My first reaction was to laugh derisively. But a friend made me think twice. “Who knows, maybe he’s right,” she said. Then came the Tsunami that devastated South Asia in 2004. And the levees that breached during Hurricane Katrina in 2005. Who’s to say what’s real?

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