collateral murder

If anyone claims that “geek” or hacker politics is x (x usually being some version of libertarianism), I wouldn’t buy it. In fact, just like any sphere and arena, geek politics are remarkably varied. Although it certainly includes libertarian politics, there are also fights against intellectual property by liberating software, audacious and brash aesthetics, and full fledged anti-capitalist clamorings, among many others. It is a rich space and yet one where (unsurprisingly) technology is often the weapon of choice or at least a central part of their political organizing and action.

One geek-oriented political group that has cropped up recently is Wikileaks, and today they have leaked one of the most important artifacts in their short history: a classified US military video showing the indiscriminate killing of civilians. It is a must see video (and watch until the end). It is remarkable for many reasons, remarkably hard to watch, remarkably important to see, remarkable as to how they got it, and finally remarkable for this sort of footage is what is so palpably gone in the mainstream news.

Biella Coleman