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Notes from Europe: from Thessaloniki to Athens In Thessaloniki: This bank is French-owned. Stand-off: police attack social center (video still). Heat conspired with exhaustion to make the train ride from Thessaloniki to Athens seem cruelly extenuated.  We could only blame ourselves. We'd stayed up all the previous night preparing our v...
Postcard: Expo 2010, Shanghai Text by Aubrey Anable Photos by Nic Sammond Last July, in the midst of a brutal heat wave, we visited the World Exposition in Shanghai. This was the first world's fair ever hosted by the People's Republic of China, and its government reportedly spent over $50 billion on the event, nearly twice t...

Anna McCarthy

Anna McCarthy, professor of cinema studies at New York University, is the author of Ambient Television (2001) and The Citizen Machine (2010). She coedited the anthology MediaSpace (2004) and for eight years was a coeditor of Social Text. She is the journal’s current web editor. Her research at present concerns relations between broadcasting and theocracy in twentieth century Ireland.