Mad Feminism

Anna Mollow

  I admit it: I’m mad.[i] Try as I might, I cannot summon up the elegant inquisitiveness of Julia Rodas’s multi-layered meditation on what there might be to like about the DSM. I could, I suppose, adopt a similar strategy in relation to Complex … Continue reading “Mad Feminism”

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How Does It Feel?

kayla wazana tompkins

As someone who has been writing about food and eating for a long time, I am most intrigued with Cruel Optimism‘s engagement with eating in the third chapter, “Slow Death: Sovereignty, Obesity, Lateral Agency.” My sense is that food exists … Continue reading “How Does It Feel?”

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Tone on the Range

kathryn bond stockton

  Lauren’s thought is fat: rich and extensive, spreading with pleasure.  And I’m headed to murder, fat, and luxury as I seek to fete her.  First, however, something in Lauren’s tone is moving.   The sly, alluring sadism of optimism … Continue reading “Tone on the Range”

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