It is Already Limited

Would you hit it? *(by which I mean would you go to this conference?). The title is Limiting Knowledge in a Democracy and check out the list of speakers. Oh wait a minute… are there just two, 2, dos, deux women listed out of 27 (fyi 7.4%)?

The conference boldly states and asks:

There is no question that the free access to knowledge and information are the bedrock of all democratic societies, yet no democratic society can function without limits on what can be known, what ought to be kept confidential and what must remain secret. The tension among these competing ends is ever present and continuously raises questions about the legitimacy of limits. What limits are necessary to safe guard and protect a democratic polity? What limits undermine it? 

An answer (in the form of action) is simple. Form must meet function,
means must match ends or else these questions strike me as terribly
hollow. Start at the start and then ask some questions.

Biella Coleman