The Order of Things on Ebay

November 28, 2016


Why do some people buy one item in all the colours? I have always been curious. This eBay seller may be one of those people. Having purchased, and worn, these seven Boden tank tops, it seems that she–or someone acting on her behalf–has now decided to get rid of them all at once. Has she changed her look? Has she undergone a gender transition? Has she died?

In the absence of answers, all one can do is ask more questions. I wonder about the way the seller has chosen to display these garments. What determines the order of things? The prints go in the back, the solids in front. I can see the logic to this display: it’s easier to grasp the cut of the garment without the distractions of a print. But still, within each line, there is the choice of how to sequence the items. I’m no visual display expert, but I think the appeal of these tank tops would be heightened if the prints were interspersed with the solids.

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