Bureau to Counteract the Demonstration

Lacking blankets sleep mapped out a march of ice
with a mind of April thinking today is the day rain
prosecco tipped off flamboyant spray shed
their own Pittsburgh blew us mindlessly dove. Flick
the tongue of my cradle speech stopped, leaping
split the elm of secret shares banned held
us in the city dreaming a friend earth bounced
up and down, grinning for a month. They woke
with no floor courage flowed free and not one but
leap down the ladder of tenure from below the folding
arcs ate the fright and orange zest of the light deafen
us momentarily to the sounds of economic night.
Strike the language to and fro the world is for
and strip the screws that loved you more
and hold it down its dates never store, happy leak
phonic data paved leaving for justice bending toward.
O glowing test the world and me, only chains prepare
with love search and listen to the back end of some
thing. Oh, kids, said Noon with its heart out plain
scream until the moment you came into my car as a
white coat calling a crane too far, predestine
the zone and fly so it goes untrained in flames.
We left the haven hanging in the night—
All of two or three shifts a splash they made,
whip block chain, a river, a heart stopped
from stopping wrote you a truce of truth gasping
as if they do justification by us prepare, but
if this is history then why say instinct or
even think of parking the treasure there,
yet beautiful of all time you desire the masses
to drape mist on so cold a cape of black net
to look 1.4 times at and never get old.
Memories are so beautiful because of the thorn
at the bottom somewhere, spawn of the war
techniques unknown for feeding disaster
the nightly roar of the ocean like workers
rising here solidarity pushes a sleeping door
open foam de-moan labor day up the ladder, doubt
free on the sliding door balcony encounter
guests hire students of wealth without fear,
as an old friend who found work saying,
I feel sexy, old, reliable known.


You were serious like us
and question the object you left
the session hating abstract ideas
to connect with private lives person knew
yourself less free than some executives
who resemblance midway the ocean
there find. Please announce yourself
shadow the chance to win others who
busy future waives destroy
wager something else. Visions
change to water to blood get lead in
line to struggle. Enters the conference
as Flint my loss migrates some day
game attends all, like a mass father
as a crowd sexes relation. Open to
penetrate you with me I feel happy
as if some royal died with no vacation
go, find the people you don’t know,
and behind them stand a little hard
summer changes me this memory of
shoulder to shoulder in the vineyard
of the old world I want to stand,
marks he said when I fuck
the new. To people rep-
resent their struggle, aggress each
idea of life as a magnificent stage
ambivalent are they seven patient
to say you won’t be the person.
I’ll just say, my vision took shots
of Jameson crisis did not, and took
no solution stall where they jam us
in mind there is no longer room to
move in common to mull. Impatient


with me say, I will stay & I will not move
three times fast. With offices in three
world cities whereupon set fire to
most of the working class ashes all they have
time the future pipelines were dug up and burned
the classless fossil animals, or the already sunk
debt hole up on the burning rim conscious throw
the tibias of the workers do the job they subcon-
tracted to do since they were children once who
played. How they do when drills already drill them
yet another miracle of their organizing purpose being
children, hurt them under supervision they already
are the supervisor I woke day from the night care,
the fire economy grew one day longer, let me just
say it grew like a dream, there is a question the size
of which take to win five across walls my face.
A dirtbox is a device to pick up cellphones & record
their struggle back to them, ten thousand feet away
from the idea of that, or its formal motions rolling
round impound the ballots survive riots inside die
art & mind school of I saw them run the campaign,
Sarlocc pitting us deep in our stomach diurnal crave
Flew before me the camp on the streets will run
until my hearts are won.


The future is yours but the present is mine,
the prison is the university not as much as
the arc of justice irradiates as shit war ends
the future was mine to tell not his overtime.
As the meal system transitions away from
dual power unilaterally I leave messages
containing jokes shared by the loving trios
who dined there, the pine trees obstructing
the parking lot of TF’s making out
with dreams of their pasts, me included
stories in the package I came with care
insisting on the agency of the bait
and relate relevant snare, we or beauty
thereof how, predicament, could you damn?
Develop over time the reasonable doubt
developers over time call, halo crime
I shout Yes and No rinse flush out
the number of times, count, I was captivating
spine of liquid recollecting ports of trans
parents call me just a line.


It’s not right, speaking the boss’s language
in buildings we build each of. Empty lots
in layers of lobbies and lawyers there lay
waiting for life to be great. The thing
called me and said I’m facts on the ground,
prompting me to speak with my coworkers
while falling so in love with it
approaching and repeating necessarily
its very own self, cozy. Life once
on this earth, not just any life, but with
the one you saw for yourself win. Watch everyone
go on working and it move on, to suddenly abandon
desires and imagine little more than going forth
or ageless anachronism or creative which my life
got in the way of wages & conditions which life
on its own defends. The standard dissolves best
case loss of thing friend when what is
really is great hit send.


I went to work for them by saying I was someone
not to eat, only drink, in me sales blew
a force that could inspire all of the anyone
the stranger academic intimacy, to enter
hologram towers brazenly wearing leviathan
natures that will not stand nor fall down.
Devotion, questions of: What are we doing here
not in bathrobes? The drones of love resist what
impose themselves like an imaginary box you like
to fill. Swirl into a hole of cyclonic air fluff
pack this deep enough and you pocket nothing manga
knees taste eerie lake dream open the mouth
orange tape liquid. Skyfall was pink I remember
the hole for the sky to be “faithless”
Adele the younger I was. Apparently
and my life too, you speak only if you knew,
as if for you want is to know some day to be
peaceably contracting, “You give me money,
and words give me you, they left hungry.”
Sterling fell over night. “Great” I searched
as my sub-category term because it was
honestly what I offered, “hottest,” and it was.

Lukas Moe

Lukas Moe is a PhD candidate in English at Yale University.