Author: Eric Sneathen

Eric Sneathen is a a poet and PhD candidate at the University of California, Santa Cruz. With Daniel Benjamin, he organized Communal Presence and edited The Bigness of Things: New Narrative and Visual Culture. More of his writing on New Narrative can be found in From Our Hearts to Yours (ON:Contemporary Practice 2017) and the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art's Open Space platform. His chapbook I Fill This Room with the Echo of Many Voices was published by eyelet press in 2019.

Authored by Eric Sneathen

Four Poems

Eric Sneathen

North Bay I can’t be near you today When I’m writing I need A universe of space. It’s real When I see among all The boys’ fluttering asses Peeling into the ocean’s White crashing surge. Three Of them are so … Continue reading “Four Poems”

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