Podcast with Ashley Dawson

Social Text Web Editor Ashley Dawson discusses his research and activism as part of the Just Publics @365 podcast series.

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Voices from an Absent Future Audio Statement from students protesting tuition hikes at UCLA. And more footage from recent protests.
Slow Violence and the Environmentalism of the Poor: An Interview with Rob Nixon Rob Nixon's Slow Violence and the Environmentalism of the Poor was published this spring by Harvard University Press. Nixon's work has been crucial to articulating the conjunction — as well as the fault lines — between postcolonial studies and ecocriticism. As the baleful impact of climate chaos be...
10 Year WTO/Seattle Protest Anniversary We are right around the corner from the tenth anniversary of the street protests that erupted on the streets of Seattle. To commemorate this anniversary, there are a slew of talks, screening, and events around the country. In NYC on Sunday at the Change You Want to See there will be a double movie s...
New Social Text Book on Alter-Globalization Protest and Organization in the Alternative Globalization Era: NGOs, Social Movements, and Political Parties by Heather Gautney Protest and Organization in the Alternative Globalization Era details the history of the alter-globalization protests over the last decade and the attem...

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