Artifactualities: Derrida and the Hauntology of Media

Artifactualities: Derrida and the Hauntology of Media

Thursday, October 16, 2014
4:00-8:00 PM | 239 Greene Street, Floor 8 | New York University


Jacques Derrida was the most brilliant and influential philosopher of media of our time. He had an abiding engagement with the temporalities, spatialities and inscriptions of the mediatic from his book on Husserl’s phonology, through his subsequent development of the following themes and concepts that increasingly re-orient our understanding of semiosis, communication/excommunication and interfacing/defacing: arche-writing, the trace, iterability, parricidal mimesis, phonocentrism, the dangerous supplement, the pharmacology of writing, dissemination, the play of repetition, Freud’s magic writing pad, otiology, on touching, atomic missives and missiles, the shibboleth, inspectacularity, echography, secrecy, the alibi the maddened subjectile, the ethnography of paper, spectrality, the pathogenic archive, the event, and autoimmunity among many others.

Co-sponsored by the NYU Department of Media, Culture, and Communication (MCC); and the NYU Department of English

Gil Anidjar, Professor, Departments of Religion; Middle Eastern, South Asian, and African Studies; Columbia University
Emily Apter, Professor, Departments of French and Comparative Literature, NYU
Geoffrey Bennington, Professor of Modern French Thought, Emory
Juliet Fleming, Associate Professor, Department of English, NYU
Peter Goodrich, Professor of Law; Director, Program in Law and Humanities; Cardozo School of Law

ST Collective Member Allen Feldman organized and will chair this event.


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Allen Feldman

Allen Feldman, a pioneer in the ethnography of violence, the body, and the senses, is the author of Archives of the Insensible: Of War, Photopolitics and Dead Memory (University of Chicago, 2015) and Formations of Violence: the Narrative of the Body and Political Terror in Northern Ireland (1991).