Analysis of Day 2

Ashley Dawson

Pachamama o muerte!  (Mother Earth or Death) Evo’s rallying cry at the beginning and end of his speech confirmed everything that I’d hoped to find in Bolivia. Here is a leader who really understands the stakes of the epic struggle … Continue reading “Analysis of Day 2”

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New Middle Eastern Uprisings: Gender, Class and Security Politics in Iran

Manijeh Nasrabadi

You know times have changed when the question, “Is Iran next?” no longer refers to whether Iran will be the next target in the US “war on terror,” but whether or not it will be next to succumb to a wave of revolutions. I obviously don’t have the answer but I can say that there is a profound radicalization under way in Iranian society that overruns the boundaries of class and sweeps across the continuum from religious to secular.

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