What Democracy Looks Like

Click here to read a special online dossier of critical reflections from activist-scholars that problematizes the popular Occupy Wall Street slogan “This Is What Democracy Looks Like!” taking it less as a self-congratulatory, if confrontational, chant and more as a literal goal. Essays gauge Occupy’s impact on a rainbow of social movements, from educational and student activists to trade unions, from debt abolitionists to LGBTQQ activists. They assess Occupy’s pitfalls and promises for trans-national and trans-ideological solidarity, as well as the roles of mutual aid, consensus and the police in stretching Occupy’s boundless energy into the future. Guest Editors: A.J. Bauer, Cristina Beltran, Rana Jaleel, and Andrew Ross. Contributions from: Anthony Alessandrini | A.J. Bauer | Suzanne Collado | Andrew Cornell | Rana Jaleel | Nicholas Mirzoeff | Manijeh Nasrabadi | Michael Ralph | Andrew Ross | Stuart Schrader | Zach Schwartz-Weinstein