Social Text Collective

The articles here by Kim Cunningham, Victoria Pitts-Taylor, Jesse Prinz, Deboleena Roy, and Alyson Spurgas are collectively the outcome of an experiment we undertook with a broader group of faculty and graduate students at the Graduate Center, City University of New York. This experiment, called NeuroCulture, … Continue reading “Neuroculture”

Neurocultures Manifesto

victoria pitts-taylor

This manifesto is for those of us who do not consider ourselves as belonging to one of the scientific fields generating official brain knowledge. We need a neurocultural manifesto because the brain has been put forward by others as foundational … Continue reading “Neurocultures Manifesto”

Locating the Moral Brain

jesse prinz

  One consequence of the Enlightenment is that human beings have become a subject of scientific scrutiny.  Another consequence is that the sciences are regarded as hierarchically arranged.  Officially, the hierarchy is mereological.  We move from the tiny particles of physics, up to … Continue reading “Locating the Moral Brain”