Author: Teline Trần

Teline Trần is a writer from Orange, California or Gabrieleño/Tongva land. They write about home and interstitial faith via several mediums such as fiction, poetry, film, and ultimately the browser. Teline works as the membership and community engagement coordinator at Wendy’s Subway, a reading room, writing space, and independent publisher in Bushwick, Brooklyn and as the development coordinator at Mekong NYC, a Southeast Asian grassroots organization in the Bronx. Their work appears in No, Dear Magazine, The Poetry Project, diaCRITICS, and MONO NO AWARE. Their first chapbook is Ad Học, published with Wendy's Subway.

Authored by Teline Trần

Three Poems

Teline Trần

Hot Dish Since under, I had spoken one word a day To a complement a meal, I would utter, ‘Breakfast,’ ‘Lunch,’ or ‘Dinner.’   To move from coming, I speak slighter Worded widely that the cheeks bled, Spinning trellises before … Continue reading “Three Poems”

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