Author: Maija Timonen

Maija Timonen is a writer and filmmaker based in London. Her debut book of experimental fiction The Measure of Reality was published in 2015 by Book Works. Her work has appeared in Chicago Review and various art magazines (Afterall, Texte zur Kunst, May, Mute). In 2017 she co-edited a collection of essays, Objects of Feminism, with Josefine Wikström. She has worked as a professor of both artistic research and moving image at the Academy of Fine Arts in Helsinki, Finland. She is currently finishing a novel called "Clay-like Substance."

Authored by Maija Timonen

Ova und Mehr

Maija Timonen

In Germany, you can see trashy signs all over that summarize the commodity fetish with such acuity that describing them feels indulgent and derivative. I could never come up with anything so apt so who am I to try and … Continue reading “Ova und Mehr”

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