antigone-in-fergusonAntigone in St. Paul, MinnesotaNicholas Mirzoeff

On July 6, 2016, St. Anthony police shot Philando Castile during a traffic stop. The police thought his “wide-set nose” matched that of a robbery suspect. For Mr. Castile, this was the forty-sixth and last such stop he would endure … Continue reading "Antigone in St. Paul, Minnesota"

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guthrieSongs for Our TimesAnna McCarthy

We asked Gus Stadler to recommend some Woody Guthrie songs. He did not fail us. ALL YOU FASCISTS BOUND TO LOSE THE JOLLY BANKER THIS LAND IS OUR LAND (with private property verse) BETTER WORLD A-COMIN’

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protestFrom the Web EditorAnna McCarthy

Nine days after Donald Trump is elected president of the United States, Social Text Online is relaunched. The timing couldn’t be better. Or worse. What to say in times like these, and so soon? Or even, how to phrase the … Continue reading "From the Web Editor"

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KotechaFROM EUPHORIAShiv Kotecha

I. The Iron Horse II. The Taiwan Blue III. The Mint Bang III. The Sitting Bull IV. The Leather Eagle II. THE TAIWAN BLUE YOU DO NOT REMEMBER WHERE YOU WERE OR WHEN IT WAS THAT YOU FIRST FOUND IT … Continue reading "FROM EUPHORIA"

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Winslow1Labors in a FieldAaron Winslow

I push the sharp edges of the shovel into the scorched, dry dirt. The ground gives way and a stinking clump of earth slides out. I dig in the earth because I must tend to the plants, and I must … Continue reading "Labors in a Field"

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HamiltonEpistolary Romance on Love and FriendshipDiana Hamilton

Dear Shiv, You told me to write to you. It was kind of you to tell me to write. You were writing to me of heartbreaks and hangovers and whether we’ll ever love or write again, and how to replace … Continue reading "Epistolary Romance on Love and Friendship"

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LoreyblackBackgroundOn Precarity and the Freedom from SecurityAna Vujanović

Work Reviewed: Lorey, Isabell: State of Insecurity: Government of the Precarious New York & London: Verso, 2015. Editor’s Note: What does it mean to make a living, or a life for oneself, today? We live in a moment when corporations … Continue reading "On Precarity and the Freedom from Security"

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rsz_unnamedIn Conversation with Luke Willis ThompsonTavia Nyong'o

The following is an edited transcript of an e-mail interview between the artist Luke Willis Thompson and Social Text editor Tavia Nyong’o that was conducted over the spring and summer of 2015, during and after the New Museum triennial, within … Continue reading "In Conversation with Luke Willis Thompson"

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