Big ManLauren Berlant

1. On Genre Flailing In a crisis we engage in genre flailing so that we don’t fall through the cracks of knowledge and noise into suicide or psychosis. In a crisis we improvise like crazy, where “like crazy” is a … Continue reading "Big Man"

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The “No You Can’t” of Italian Neo-Marxist DissentStefano Ciammaroni

On December 4th of last year, Italians voted “no” in a referendum on constitutional reforms that would have allowed Parliament to make bills into laws without Senate approval. A date that for the proponents of the reform should have ushered … Continue reading "The “No You Can’t” of Italian Neo-Marxist Dissent"

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Tolstoy College: The War and Peace of an Anarchist EducationJennifer Wilson

When I asked the instructors of Tolstoy College if they found anything contradictory about establishing an anarchist college funded by the state of New York, they all kind of shrugged it off. Peter Murphy, who taught courses on radical history, … Continue reading "Tolstoy College: The War and Peace of an Anarchist Education"

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What Is the French Left to Do?Sylvie Mikowski

When they vote in January’s primaries, leftists in France must choose entre la peste et la cholera. On 21 May 2002, millions of French people watched with surprise, anger, or disgust as the face of Jean-Marie Le Pen appeared on … Continue reading "What Is the French Left to Do?"

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From Face DownBrian Whitener

The Oakland-based press Timeless, Infinite Light has allowed us to publish an excerpt from Brian Whitener’s fantastic new book Face Down, which can be purchased here. From Face Down In the mid-1850s, a non-ethnically marked lady, Mother, and her partner … Continue reading "From Face Down"

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Ballot Box as Klan Hood and the Rest of Us in the Wake of the Election of Donald Trump as 45th US PresidentRoshanak Kheshti

I write not with the expertise of a political scientist or demographer, those emperors of data and partisan, capital ‘P’ politics whose new clothes—AKA ‘big data’-informed poll predictions—have only just been revealed to some (not others) as ruse. I write … Continue reading "Ballot Box as Klan Hood and the Rest of Us in the Wake of the Election of Donald Trump as 45th US President"

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Antigone in St. Paul, MinnesotaNicholas Mirzoeff

On July 6, 2016, St. Anthony police shot Philando Castile during a traffic stop. The police thought his “wide-set nose” matched that of a robbery suspect. For Mr. Castile, this was the forty-sixth and last such stop he would endure … Continue reading "Antigone in St. Paul, Minnesota"

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Songs for Our TimesAnna McCarthy

We asked Gus Stadler to recommend some Woody Guthrie songs. He did not fail us. ALL YOU FASCISTS BOUND TO LOSE THE JOLLY BANKER THIS LAND IS OUR LAND (with private property verse) BETTER WORLD A-COMIN’

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