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About Social Text

Journal Co-Editors
Tavia Nyong’o
Neferti X.M. Tadiar
Web Editor
Tavia Nyong’o
Managing Editor
Marie Buck
Arts Editor

Members of Social Text Collective

  • Nadia Abu El-Haj
  • Jonathan Beller
  • Herman Bennett
  • Ed Cohen
  • Kandice Chuh
  • Gabriella Coleman
  • Ashley Dawson
  • Patrick Deer
  • Ana María Dopico
  • Brent Hayes Edwards
  • David L. Eng
  • Allen Feldman
  • Licia Fiol-Matta
  • Nicole Fleetwood
  • Heather Gautney
  • Stefano Harney
  • Tariq Jazeel
  • David Kazanjian
  • Brian Larkin
  • Eng-Beng Lim
  • Julie Livingston
  • Iona Man-Cheong
  • Michael Mandiberg
  • Yolanda Martí­nez-San Miguel
  • Rick Maxwell
  • Anna McCarthy
  • Micki McGee
  • Susette Min
  • Roopali Mukherjee
  • Alondra Nelson
  • Tavia Nyong’o
  • Shireen R.K. Patell
  • Alex Pittman
  • Jasbir Puar
  • Michael Ralph
  • Robert Reid-Pharr
  • Marí­a Josefina Saldaña-Portillo
  • David Sartorius
  • Ella Shohat
  • Nikhil Pal Singh
  • Lok Siu
  • Gustavus Stadler
  • Jennifer Stoever-Ackerman
  • Neferti X. M. Tadiar
  • Helga Tawil-Souri
  • Livia Tenzer

Welcome to the Social Text website, socialtextjournal.org.

Since its founding in 1979, the journal Social Text has forged creative connections between critical theory and political practice. Interdisciplinary and interventionist, the editorial collective has sought to expand and redefine what scholarship can do. This has always included being at the forefront of cultural and technological change. The internet presents one such opportunity. With our website, we seek to seize that opportunity optimistically but without naivete. We well know that the forms of knowledge the internet erodes and enables, centers and disperses, connects and divides.

At a moment when the roles of the intellectual and educator are being rapidly reorganized from the top down, we imagine our website as a renewal of Social Text’s activist and public premise. We seek to complement the ongoing work of the journal with stand-alone short essays, online dossiers, and rich media supplements to articles. We will continue to link to downloadable copies of articles from the journal via the subscription-based access offered by Duke University Press. And we will also be offering free online features such as:

    • One free featured article per journal issue, available for six months from publication date, and ancillary multimedia associated with select journal articles;
    • A web review section for books, film, art and performance;
    • A blog regularly updated by members of the Social Text collective as well as guest bloggers;
    • A new online dossier section, Periscope, featuring curated collections of short essays, photo essays, or other multimedia, on a topic of timely interest;
    • An expanded events page, with notices of both official Social Text events and featured events members of the collective are participating in;
    • Profile pages of collective members, contributors to the journal, and registered users of the site, with links to biographical info, print and web publications, and site commentary.

Please visit the site today, explore, and register to join our online community. You can also subscribe to our RSS feed. If you have comments, questions, or ideas for the site, please email us individually or at managingeditor.socialtext@gmail.com.

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