Three Poems

The Messenger

What do I want
to you to say
now no not that



me harder
words weighted
belonged in
something farther

love’s the attempt
at one another

love’s the age
for love’s age
the requisite

light as night leaving
Cupid’s last offer

as if I should come
as if I should not



The city is the loneliest place

and unable to sleep

A beautiful clock with an equally gorgeous laugh
           it draws from the shy bowels of yarn
           whatever can’t go back

Then tell some story
Like the one where you’re from

who you are being
or thinking of at least

unable to sleep for the third night in a row
it’s you

which reminds me

how little difference there is
between the city and the love for it

Someone will say it’s Wednesday
Only technically
The sun has yet to rise

As for you
tossing in the dark
in my mind

you stay
keep me here
tell me how it went

our life for the billionth time

[Now That I Am Alone]

Now that I am alone
it is some knowledge

though not of much use

To speak
to go
to illuminate the street with a phone
dying in my hand

though it is not even night
and even if it were

wouldn’t that be something

like a woman who keeps what she wants away
but leaves her eye on it so that
she can in fact see it and not

crush the distance
you and I have

I cannot I suppose know

how there is no use in this knowing
or how less than obvious we ought to get

The party which thickens
distills into sudden plainness
and we are as we were

getting somewhere

back there, if we passed it
right here, if it’s what we had in mind

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Jennifer Soong

Jennifer Soong is a New Jersey and New York-based poet. Her forthcoming, first full-length book Near, At was chosen by Pierre Joris, Monica McClure, and Claudia La Rocco to be published with Futurepoem Books. She received her BA in English and Visual & Environmental Studies from Harvard College before working at The New School and joining the English doctoral program at Princeton University. Her poetry has been published in Berfrois, Prelude Magazine, DIAGRAM, glitterMOB, and H_NGM_N, among other places, and has been translated into Spanish.